Tennessee Court Talk is an educational podcast from the Tennessee Supreme Court and the Administrative Office of the Courts, bringing together the very best law experts to discuss topics affecting judges, attorneys, law students, and the people of Tennessee. The intended audience for each episode varies and is announced during the introduction.

Episodes can be found and downloaded on the podcast player of your choosing.

Episode 1: The first episode focuses on Civil Pattern Jury Instructions. Judge Butch Childers (Ret.) and Nashville attorney John Day, two members of the Tennessee Judicial Conference Pattern Jury Instructions Civil Committee, discuss the importance of jury instructions and how critical they can be to the outcome of a case, the evolution of the committee, and advice to judges on delivering instructions to a jury.


Eipsode 2: This episode discusses the appellate practice in Tennessee from start to finish. Guests include Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Tim Easter, Court of Appeals Judge Neal McBrayer, and Clerk of the Appellate Courts Jim Hivner. Topics include everything from tips on filing a notice to appeal to brief writing to preparing for oral argument.