Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts

Access and Visitation Grant Deadline

Date / Time: 
August 26, 2019 - 4:30pm
Event Type: 
Grant Deadlines

The Administrative Office of the Courts has approximately $125,000 in grant funding available for the development or continuation of initiatives that will address the needs of never-married, self-represented litigants and focus on services to help them resolve any or all issues concerning parenting and visitation in child support cases or cases involving child support issues. These initiatives may include efforts such as mediation programs, self-help centers, legal clinics, and unbundled legal services.

This funding is made possible through the Access and Visitation Grant.  The Grant shall be for services rendered during the time period of October 1, 2019 through September 30, 2020.

Applicants must be a unit of government or a non-profit organization.

To be considered for funding, the grant application must be received by the AOC by 4:30 pm Central Standard Time on Monday, August 26, 2019.  Please compile all required documents and submit one application packet via email to grants@tncourts.gov or via fax to (615) 741-6285.

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