Executive Director

The Tennessee Supreme Court is seeking an experienced and qualified leader for the position of Executive Director for the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP).  TLAP was established to provide assistance to Tennessee lawyers, judges, bar applicants, and law students (the legal profession) who suffer from physical or mental disabilities that result from disease, disorder, trauma, or age and that impair their ability to practice or serve.

Qualifications and Skills of the Executive Director:

The Executive Director must have sufficient experience, education and training to identify and assist impaired members of the legal profession and to work well with volunteers, as well as sufficient management and administrative expertise to manage a human services program providing outreach, education, assessment, treatment, placement, consultation by telephone, after-care follow-up, individual support and group support.  The ideal candidate shall either be (1) a qualified mental health care professional with proven experience with addiction and mental health assessment and treatment or (2) an attorney licensed to practice law in Tennessee who has experience in addressing alcohol, drug, gambling, emotional, behavioral, and other personal problems that affect well-being and professional performance.  Advanced degree in appropriate field(s) is preferred; extensive experience coupled with other training may be an adequate substitute for an advanced degree.  This position will serve all counties of Tennessee and travel throughout the state on a regular basis is anticipated.

Additional Skills, Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Director:


  • Possess excellent public speaking skills and ability to express enthusiasm and empathy. 
  • Develop, maintain and expand relationships with the legal community, judiciary, bar associations, law schools and other legal organizations within the state of Tennessee.
  • Develop and implement an outreach program and strategies.
  • Conduct seminars across the state addressing alcohol, drugs, gambling, emotional, behavioral, or other personal problems that affect well-being and professional performance.
  • Advertise and promote TLAP by developing written materials, such as brochures, newsletters, flyers, web site content and articles for appropriate publications.


  • Demonstrate excellent understanding of addictions, addictive behavior, dual diagnosis and clinical mental health issues.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Creative, dynamic, open-minded and knowledgeable.
  • Understanding for the unique demands on those who practice law and serve as members of the judiciary.
  • Responsible for responding to inquiries, conducting assessments, and referring persons to appropriate treatment and counseling options.
  • Coordinate and conduct interventions as required.
  • Provide follow-up with individuals who have been discharged from in-patient programs.
  • Develop and conduct support group meetings.
  • Coordinate and manage outside contractor for Hotline services.
  • Case management.
  • Evaluate referral sources and treatment programs and develop a resource list for evaluations, treatment or after-care, and possibly working with treatment providers when necessary to reduce costs for indigent persons.
  • Assess and evaluate appropriate treatment and recommendations.


  • Prepare and manage budget on an annual basis for submission to AOC and TLAP Commission.
  • Report periodically to the TLAP Commission.
  • Maintain case management records. 


  • Support the volunteer lawyer networks, including conducting regular meetings, presenting seminars and training volunteers.


  • Maintain strict adherence to confidentiality.


  • Participate in conferences, seminars and training, including ABA’s COLAP.
  • Develop and maintain working relationships with other LAP’s across the country. 


  • Demonstrate a high degree of professionalism and integrity, as well as enthusiasm and commitment to making a difference in the lives and practices of members of the legal profession. 
  • Entrepreneurial spirit to further develop a public service organization and successfully manage its growth.
  • Experience across a range of cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds and a demonstrated commitment to diversity.
  • Serve the legal profession throughout the State of Tennessee, providing services, outreach and education.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Location: Nashville
Department: Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program
Position Available: Immediately
Position Closing: This position will remain open until filled

To Apply

Submit a current resume, three professional references and completed Application for Employment  by email to human.resources@tncourts.gov

NOTICE: This position requires a criminal background check.  Therefore, you will be required to provide information about your criminal history in order to be considered for this position.

Thank you for taking time to submit your information for consideration. Applicants will not receive communication regarding your submission unless you are called to clarify or to schedule an interview.

For more information: Send questions to human.resources@tncourts.gov