Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts

Statistical Analyst

The Administrative Office of the Courts, in Nashville, is seeking a qualified person for the position of Statistical Analyst. The successful applicant will identify inferences about a population based upon statistical information needed; utilize standard sampling procedures within population to obtain statistical information; develop data collection instruments used to gather information on a particular criteria; administer data instruments to selected statistical sample to collect desired information; insure appropriate collection procedures are followed; conduct secondary research such as library research;  review existing databases; and contact other sources to obtain additional information.

The successful applicant will select the appropriate statistical techniques to test hypotheses or answer questions raised by a study; format data using programs, such as Excel, SPSS, and SQL, based on statistics required and software parameters; enter or import collected statistical data into appropriate database and fields; proof entered data to verify accuracy and completeness; delete incomplete, inaccurate, and outdated information as necessary; and create and maintain back-up copies of data for recovery purposes.

In addition, the successful applicant will analyze data using computer software (SPSS, or other specialized software related to area of study); apply statistical techniques (ANOVA, correlation, time-series analysis) on collected data to obtain required information; review results of statistical analysis to ensure accuracy of data; format results for publication or presentation purposes; transform data into visual aids such as charts, tables, and/or scatter grams; interpret results of statistical procedures to determine relationships among the data; and compare results of statistical procedures to previous results to determine changes over time; interprets implications of findings.

Applicants must be skilled in MS Word, Excel, SQL Plus, SQL Worksheet, Crystal Reports, and SPSS. The successful applicant must have strong oral and written communication skills with superior organizational skills.  Experience with Oracle Enterprise Manager is a plus.  Applicants must be able to work effectively as part of a team and sometimes independently with all levels of state staff from clerical through agency executive management.

The successful applicant will be proficient in interviewing and requirements gathering. Graduation from an accredited college or university with a bachelor’s degree in statistics, mathematics, or computer science is preferred. At least one year of full-time professional statistical work is required.

NOTICE: This position requires a criminal background check. Therefore, applicants will be required to provide information about any criminal history in order to be considered for this position.

Thank you for taking time to submit your information for consideration.  Applicants will not receive communication regarding submission unless called to clarify or to schedule an interview.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer

Location: Nashville
Department: Technology
Position Available: Immediately
Position Closing: This position will remain open until filled

To Apply

Submit an Application for Employment in PDF and a current resume by email to human.resources@tncourts.gov.  The Court System accepts only electronic applicant information saved in PDF format.

For more information: Submit an email to human.resources@tncourts.gov