Clinical Director Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program

The Tennessee Supreme Court is seeking an experienced candidate for the position of Clinical Director for the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP). The Clinical Director provides Clinical Support to the Executive Director in the operation of a “professionals’ program” that provides comprehensive clinical services to the legal profession.

Due to the broad range of populations served by TLAP, and the highly specialized and challenging nature of TLAP’s work, this position requires an experienced masters-level, mental health professional qualified to interact competently and effectively with lawyers, judges, and law students. The Clinical Director will interact with professionals often experiencing both mental health and litigation challenges. This person must also possess superior communication skills and exceptional attention to detail.

Responsibilities & Essential Job Functions:

  1. Answer directly to the Executive Director and assists the Executive Director in the day-to-day oversight of TLAP’s professional clinical staff, clinical services, and operations;
  2. Provide hands-on comprehensive professional clinical services in individual cases;
  3. Identify and develop ongoing relationships with clinical providers for evaluation, treatment, and monitoring support that meet TLAP’s clinical guidelines;
  4. Collaborate with local and national clinical authorities and peers to support the ongoing development of clinical guidelines and best practices for “professionals’ programs” that provide comprehensive clinical services to the legal profession and have a duty to protect the public;
  5. Render comprehensive, professional clinical oversight and also direct client services in all areas of TLAP’s duties per Rule 33 of the Tennessee Supreme Court including, but not limited to, services that are specifically designed to support the following missions:
  6. protecting the public from impaired professionals.
  7. providing clinical support confidentially in voluntary cases; and,
  8. collaboration in the design and delivery of educational materials;
  9. Ensure that all TLAP services reflect applicable clinical standards for licensed professionals and “safety sensitive workers” (lawyers, doctors, nurses, airline pilots, etc.);
  10. Provide clinical interventions that promote recovery without relapse and fitness-for-duty at levels that help protect the client, the profession, and the public;
  11. Assign cases and manage caseloads of professional clinical staff;
  12. Facilitate clinical staff meetings;
  13. Educate and train clinical staff in serving licensed professionals and safety sensitive workers;
  14. Attend conferences by national organizations that support TLAP’s mission;
  15. Develop and maintain direct relationships with the Clinical Directors of other State LAPs that have a duty to protect the public and to support best practices for monitoring fitness to practice;
  16. Support Executive Director in outreach and marketing to promote TLAP’s programming and services, including opportunities to conduct presentations, write articles, and prepare other materials as may be deemed beneficial to promoting TLAP’s missions.
  17. Manage a portion of TLAP’s client caseload;
  18. Facilitate TLAP-approved clinical intake, evaluation, and referrals to clinical resources, diagnostics, and treatment as necessary to support fitness to practice and TLAP monitoring as may be indicated;
  19. Prepare and provide individualized TLAP Monitoring Agreements to support long-term recovery;
  20. Provide all necessary clinical oversight to detect monitoring problems or non-compliance; and
  21. Provide clinical responses to address any difficulties or concerns arising in the monitoring program.

  • Must be a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC);
  • Minimum of Five (5) years unsupervised full-time clinical experience required;
  • Must be qualified to provide supervisory hours to masters-level clinicians seeking full licensure.

Compensation Guidelines:

  • Salary Range is $65,000 to $75,000 per year PLUS full benefits.
  • Salary commensurate with credentials and clinical experience.

Work Schedule:

  • Alternate Work Schedule with a Combination of Remote Work and Office Hours:
  • 3 days Remote from Home and 2 days in the Office per week
  • Work Hours: 8:00-4:30, M-F
  • Occasionally on call via phone after hours for emergencies

Work Location:

  • Office Work Location: Downtown Nashville
  • Remote Work Location: from Home, etc.


  • Be willing to travel occasionally in state and once or twice per year out of state to seminars and presentations. A few of these will require overnight travel.


NOTICE: This position requires a criminal background check. Therefore, you will be required to provide information about your criminal history in order to be considered for this position.

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To apply:Submit an Application for Employment in PDF, a resume, and three professional references by email to human.resources@tncourts.gov. The Court System accepts only electronic applicant information saved in PDF format.

Thank you for taking time to submit your information for consideration. Please note that applicants will only receive communication regarding submissions if selected for an interview. For additional information, please email: human.resources@tncourts.gov

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