Foster Care Review Board Training

The courses are available for Foster Care Review Board members, Court Staff, DCS Staff, and others who participate in the boards.

You will earn training hours for completed trainings. Trainings consist of completing a pre-test, viewing the online course in its entirety, and completing the post-test and survey.

Please click on the title of the training course you would like to view.


Click here for a series of trainings to assist you with issues unique to your advocacy during the Covid-19 Pandemic 



Child Development for the Rule 40 Guardian ad Litem

New training added January 2020

An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing 


Maintaining Wellness While Working in Trauma


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)


Creating Normalcy Through Prudent Parenting


Standardized Assessment Practice for Foster Care Review Board Discussion of the CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs & Strengths).

Review of the CANS measurement principles, ratings for Needs and Strengths, and how to use this information for a child in foster care and at the review board.


Preparing Youth in DCS Custody for Transition to Adulthood

Preparation for adulthood and success beyond 18, focusing on life skills, transition planning data, services, and court procedures for your adults receiving Extension of Foster Care Services.