Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts

Oral Argument Docket

Audio recordings of oral arguments in the appellate courts heard on or after May 1, 2013 are available about 21 days after the oral argument.  You may access the audio recording by searching the particular case and clicking on the digital play button when it appears.  Within 10 days of the oral argument, parties may ask the court to exclude the audio recording from being posted.  If the court grants the request, the oral argument will not be posted.

Format: 01/21/2019
Format: 01/21/2019
State of Tennessee v. Roscoe Dixon
02/20/18 9:30am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/2dr0000_0091mp3
Kerry Douglas Friesen v. Beverley Joy Friesen
02/20/18 9:30am Court of Appeals Hamilton County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2017-00775-coa-r3-cv-kerry-douglas-friesen-v-beverley-joy-friesen
John A. Gardner Et AL v. R&J Express, LLC
02/20/18 9:30am Court of Appeals Hamblen County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2017-00823-coa-r3-cv-john-a-gardner-et-al-v-r-j-express-llc
Billy Eugene Atkins Et Al. v. Rick Allen Saunders Et Al.
02/20/18 9:30am Court of Appeals Monroe County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2017-01077-coa-r3-cv-billy-eugene-atkins-et-al-v-rick-allen-sauders-et-al
Vic Davis Construction Inc v. Lauren Engineers & Constructors Inc.
02/20/18 9:30am Court of Appeals Hawkins County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2014-00844-coa-r3-cv-vic-davis-construction-inc-v-lauren-engineers-constuctors-inc
Victor Cole v. Joe Caruso
02/20/18 10:30am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/1dr0000_0091mp3
Delores Conley v. Tennessee Farmers Insurance Company
02/20/18 11:30am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/3dr0000_0091mp3
Marvin Seibers Et Al. v. Carol Latimer
02/20/18 1:30pm Court of Appeals Campbell County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2017-01285-coa-r3-cv-marvin-seibers-et-al-v-carol-latimer
Joseph J. Levitt, Jr. v. City of Oak Ridge Et Al.
02/20/18 1:30pm Court of Appeals Anderson County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2016-02140-coa-r3-cv-joseph-j-levitt-jr-v-city-of-oak-ridge-et-al
Lisa Niles, Clerk Of The Circuit Court Etc. v. Rollen "Buddy" Bradshaw, Loudon County Mayor
02/20/18 1:30pm Court of Appeals Loudon County Eastern Section https://soundcloud.com/tncourts/e2017-01244-coa-r3-cv-lisa-niles-clerk-of-circuit-ct-etc-v-rollen-bradshaw-loudon-co-mayor