New State Judges Attend Mini-Judicial Academy

April 26, 2019

Over the past year, Tennessee has welcomed  ten new state judges to the bench. At the first Tennessee Judicial Conference of 2019, they attended a special training called the Mini-Judicial Academy created for new judges.

The sessions included discussions on courtroom security featuring Brian Grisham of the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy; ethics, recusal, and election  with Tim Discenza, disciplinary counsel with the Tennessee Board of Judicial Conduct; contempt with Judge Steven Stafford; search warrants with Judge Chris Craft; and case management with Chancellor Jerri Bryant and Judge Robert Holloway.

In addition to the Mini-Judicial Academy, new judges attend the Tennessee Judicial Conference, mentor with more experienced judges, have access to hundreds of continuing legal education materials available online through the Administrative Office of the Courts, and can participate in online and in-person classes through the National Judicial College.

The new judges in attendance were: Melissa Blevins (12th Judicial District),  Yolanda Kight (30th judicial district), Anne Martin (20th judicial district) , Jennifer Mitchell (30th judicial district), Patricia Head Moskal (20th judicial district), Kathryn Wall Olita (19th judicial district), Darrell Scarlett (16th judicial district), Christopher Sockwell (22nd  judicial district), Michael Spitzer (21st  judicial district), and  Jennifer Smith (20th judicial district).