Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission

Tenn. Code Ann. Section 17-4-201 - The Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission reviews the performance of appellate judges using surveys, interviews and other information, as required by the law. The Commission uses these evaluations to publish a report in which the Commission recommends the appellate judge for retention or for replacement. Of the nine members of the Commission, four are appointed by the Speaker of the Senate, four are appointed by the Speaker of the House, and one is jointly appointed by both Speakers.


2014 Judicial Evaluation Report
2012 Judicial Evaluation Report
2010 Judicial Evaluation Report
2008 Judicial Evaluation Report
2006 Judicial Evaluation Report
2000 Judicial Evaluation Report


Honorable Robert L. Jones
Columbia, TN

Michael E. Tant
Nashville, TN

Christopher Clem, Esq.
Chattanooga, TN

Henrietta Grant
Knoxville, TN

J. Gregory Grisham, Esq.
Memphis, TN

Honorable Robert Montgomery, Jr.
Blountville, TN

Honorable J. Michael Sharp
Cleveland, TN

Renata Soto
Nashville, TN

Joseph A. Woodruff, Esq.
Nashville, TN


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