Tennessee Supreme Court Adopts Technology Strategic Plan For State Judiciary

The Tennessee Supreme Court today presented its Technology Strategic Plan for Tennessee’s judicial system.

The plan, developed by the Court System Information Technology Oversight Committee, outlines the design and implementation of a unified technology strategy for Tennessee’s judicial system.

“Technology is essential to providing Tennesseans with the court system they need and deserve,” said Chief Justice Holly Kirby. “Bravo to the Technology Oversight Committee for its thorough and thoughtful work. We look forward to partnering with the Governor and the General Assembly to move the judicial branch of our State forward.”

The Committee, headed by Justice Sarah Campbell, has included a variety of stakeholders and participants in Tennessee’s judicial system to provide meaningful input on both the challenges and opportunities technology presents.

“It is the Committee’s hope that the plan will launch Tennessee’s judicial system into a new technological era--one in which the effective and efficient use of technology will improve access to justice, enhance court operations, and increase public trust and confidence in the judiciary,” said Justice Campbell.

Specifically, the Technology Strategic Plan lists the following goals for Tennessee’s judicial system:

  • Design, implement, and sustain a unified technology strategy
  • Build understanding and trust among user groups and other stakeholders
  • Establish a data strategy
  • Establish minimum technology standards
  • Deploy scalable technology solutions to promote justice and increase confidence

Moving forward, the Committee will work collaboratively with the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) to collect detailed information from stakeholders as concrete action steps are developed for each goal.

“To ensure trust and confidence in the court system continues, we must avail ourselves of the advances in technology that make our courts more accessible and transparent,” said AOC Director Michelle Long. “Adopting new technology and modernizing the court system will serve all who depend on the efficiency and effectiveness of our court system.”

The Committee was established in June 2023 by the Tennessee Supreme Court and includes general sessions judges, trial judges, appellate judges, and court clerks, as well as the Director and Chief Technology Officer of the AOC. The Technology Strategic Plan is the culmination of careful deliberation, research, and in-the-trenches experiences in courtrooms and clerk’s offices across the state.

To read more about the plan and view the list of Committee Members click here.