Supreme Court Advancing Legal Education for Students (SCALES)

The SCALES project is a Tennessee Supreme Court initiative designed to educate high school students about the judicial branch of government. SCALES, which stands for Supreme Court Advancing Legal Education for Students, gives students a unique opportunity to hear the oral arguments for an actual Supreme Court case in a nearby community.

"The Tennessee Supreme Court believes that educating young people about the judicial branch is paramount to creating productive citizens," Justice Cornelia Clark said. "The SCALES project is a great opportunity for high school students to get a firsthand look at the Supreme Court in action, while also developing an appreciation for the rule of law and the role it plays in our society."

Since the creation of the program in 1995, the SCALES project has given more than 41,067 Tennessee students from more than 560 high schools the ability to see the judicial branch in action. 

This program has been made possible thanks to generous support from the Ansley Fund of The Frist Foundation.

See photos from SCALES events.


Scales Promo 1 from Tennessee Courts on Vimeo.


For more information about the SCALES project, please contact:

SCALES Coordinator