Mediation Pro Bono Recognition Program

Mediators for Justice  - Pro Bono Recognition Program

Beginning in 2021, in an effort to increase the number of mediators providing pro bono services to those who cannot afford dispute resolution costs in the judicial system, the Tennessee Supreme Court adopted a new recognition program. The Court honors all actively listed Rule 31 Mediators providing at least 50 hours of service a year, with a goal of increasing statewide pro bono work.

In the program, mediators completing the Court’s minimum goal of 50 pro bono hours annually will be named “Mediators for Justice” by the Tennessee Supreme Court. The program is entirely voluntary and based on self-reporting. You will be considered for recognition should you report the pro bono work you did the previous calendar year before you renew your listing for the upcoming calendar year.

To be considered for the program, all services must have been reported in the ADR Portal using the “Submit a Rule 31 Report” tool on the home screen. Please file all mediations conducted for that year before you submit the renewal form online, regardless of the disposition status. Then, please select “Yes” in response to the question “Do you wish to be recognized in the pro bono mediation program?” on the renewal form. Rule 31 Mediators who have already renewed their listing(s) for the new calendar year will be directly notified if they meet (or are close to meeting) the 50 hour threshold.

Mediators for Justice will be formally recognized at the Advanced Mediation Techniques Workshop held annually every October. Each honoree will also receive a Certificate of Recognition and be permanently inducted into the honor roll below.

Mediator for Justice Honor Roll

Hector A. Cruz
Jacqueline O. Kittrell
Don E. Schulze
Lalia Robinson Wilson

Dawn M. Forshay
Lasandra Jefferson
Mary R. Langenbrunner
Lalia Robinson

Dawn M. Forshay
Denise Jackson
Karen E. Phillips