Fee Schedule

Tenn. Code Ann. § 8-21-501
(c) The Supreme Court shall set the amount of court costs and fees authorized by statute by court order or rule.

The Supreme Court has established costs and fees for filings in the office of and services of the Appellate Court Clerk as follows:

For cases initiated on or after July 9, 2018:

Document Filed/Service ProvidedCosts & Fees For
1. Appeal/other pursuant to one of the following rules
    or statutes:
    a. Tennessee Rules of Appellate Procedure (TRAP) 
             i. Rule 3$550
            ii. Rule 4(a) - Waiver of timely filing NOA$150
           iii. Rule 7$200
           iv. Rule 8$200
            v. Rule 9$350
           vi. Rule 10$350
          vii. Rule 11$350
         viii. Rule 12$550
           ix. Rule 18$100
    b. Supreme Court Rules 
            i. Rule 10B$250
           ii. Rule 11 §III(c)$100
          iii. Rule 23$550
          iv. Rule 28 §10$200
           v. Rule 48$150
     c. T.C.A. §39-13-206 automatic transfer$550
2. Administrative proceeding in the Supreme Court$100
3. Other Pleading initiating Proceedings in the Appellate Courts$150
4. Board of Judicial Conduct Formal Charges$300
5. Additional Filings/Actions in the Appellate Courts: 
    a. Motion to Late File Notice of Appeal$150
    b. Motion for Full Court Review$150
    c. Motion to participate as Amicus Curiae$150
    d. Motion under TRAP Rule 7$200
    e. Motion under TRAP Rule 8$200
    f.  Motion to Withdraw Archived Record$ 75
    g. Petition to Rehear$ 50
    h. Show Cause Order$ 10
6. Other Services: 
    a. Affixing seal$  2
    b. Certification of document with seal$  5
    c. Copies of all documents$.50 per/pg
    d. Issuing capias, subpoena or other process$ 12
    e. Issuing fi. fa. or other writ$ 12
    f. Issuing Certificate of Good Standing$ 50

For cases initiated prior to July 9, 2018:



Affixing seal
Appellate record check in/check out
Calculating appellate court costs
Certification of document with seal
Continuing date of oral argument
Copying of all documents
Cost bill invoice
Docketing case
Entering appellate court costs in execution books
Entering information in database
Filing abridged appellate record
Filing affidavit
Filing appendix
Filing (briefs/applications/answers/petitions/responses)
Filing deposition
Filing exhibits
Filing judgment or judgment order
Filing motion with affidavit, memo of law, proposed order
Filing opinion
Filing order
Filing response to court order
Filing response to motion
Filing supplemental deposition
Filing supplemental exhibits
Filing supplemental transcript of the evidence
Filing supplemental technical record
Filing technical record
Filing transcript of the evidence
Issuing capias
Issuing fi.fa
Issuing writ of execution
Judgment over
Mandate/recalling mandate
Motion and response to motion for full court review
Preparing record for state archives
Processing payment
Processing sheriff’s return
Qualifying each surety
Receiving notice of appeal
Receiving or filing appeal bond
Receiving or filing appearance bond
Retaxing costs
Supplemental authority and response thereto
Verified bill of costs
Other filings
$1.00 / page
$10.00 / each
$6.00 / volume
$2.00 / copy
$4.00 / copy
$4.00 / copy
$4.00 / each
$4.00 / each
$5.00 / copy
$4.00 / each
$5.00 / copy
$4.00 / each
$4.00 /each
$6.00 / volume
$6.00 / each
$6.00 / volume
$6.00 / volume
$4.00 / copy
$4.00 / copy