Oral Arguments

Audio recordings of oral arguments in the appellate courts heard on or after May 1, 2013 are available about 21 days after the oral argument.  You may access the audio recordings by visiting https://soundcloud.com/tncourts and using the seach bar at the top to search the particular case you are wanting to listen to. Please search with one of the litigants full name or the case number for the best results. Within 10 days of the oral argument, parties may ask the court to exclude the audio recording from being posted.  If the court grants the request, the oral argument will not be posted.

Format: 12/07/2022
Format: 12/07/2022
State of Tennessee, ex rel., Alicia Janelle Collins v. Vikramjeet Sethi Singh
11/15/22 9:30am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section
Karen Mathis v. N.J. Ford and Sons Funeral Home, Inc., et al.
11/15/22 10:30am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section
Madeline Luckett Nolan v. Gregory Stewart Nolan
11/15/22 11:30am Court of Appeals Shelby County Western Section