Rule 18: Local Rules of Practice in the Trial Courts of Tennessee.


(a) The judges in each judicial district shall adopt written uniform local rules prescribing procedures for:

(1) setting cases for trial;

(2) obtaining continuances;

(3) disposition of pre-trial motions;

(4) settlement or plea bargaining deadlines for criminal cases;

(5) preparation, submission and entry of orders and judgments.

Each judicial district may also adopt other uniform rules not inconsistent with the statutory law, the Rules of the Supreme Court, the Rules of Appellate Procedure, the Rules of Civil Procedure, the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Rules of Juvenile Procedure, and the Rules of Evidence. Prior to the adoption or amendment of local rules of court, the judges of the judicial district shall solicit and consider input from members of the public and attorneys concerning the proposed rules or amendments. A judicial district may adopt uniform local rules that apply only to the circuit, chancery, criminal, or similar trial court divisions within the district.

(b) Not less than thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of any local rules, including any amendment thereto, the presiding judge of the judicial district shall cause the rules to be printed and made available to members of the public and to attorneys and shall file the rules with the administrative director of the courts in a format specified by the director.

(c) All local rules of court shall be adopted in accordance with this rule; any standing order, written policy, or similar document purporting to impose local rules shall be invalid. In addition, any local rule that is inconsistent with a statute or a procedural rule promulgated by the Supreme Court shall be invalid.

[Adopted June 16, 1983, and amended by order entered January 29, 2004.]

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